Mecanim Guide for Unity3d

A more efficient way to animate game models is using Unity3d new mecanim tool. Below is some resources on how to do this with different platforms. Basically a way to setup models so programmers can easily implement the model into Unity3d.

Unity3d Mecanim Animation Tutorial

To get an understanding of Mecanim, you can check the Animation Tutorial Video that explains Unity3d process in animating models using this new system.

Using Maya & Unity

Tutorial Part 1 – In this article, we’ll talk about setting up a 3D model using Maya and HumanIK, so it can be imported in Unity’s new animation system : Mecanim.
In the first part, we’ll cover the making of the skeleton and skinning.

Tutorial Part 2 – The second part explains exporting the model and importing into Unity for Mecanim

Video on Importing Maya into Unity


Auto Rigging Shortcut

Probably the most important shortcut I would recommend is using the following free rigging tool at Mixamo: Auto Rigger


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