How To Get More Revenue From ChartBoost Ads?

If you setup campaigns manually you can receive higher CPI(cost per install). This is because you tell the ad network that you only wish to display ads who are willing to pay a higher premium to show on my app. This is a nice tweak and simple to do in chartboost.

It’s basically manually making the guys who wish to pay more… first on your app to show their ads.

Setup Ads Manually:

Do this for each Campaign: Low, Medium, High, Highest:
  • Campaigns -> Add Campaign -> Publish In The Network
  • Simple Settings tab (left of screen): Name: Low
  • Financial Settings tab: Minimum CPI: 0.5
  • Campaign Logic: Priority: Low


Create 3 more campaigns so you end up with:

  • Low: $0.50 CPI / Low Priority
  • Medium: $1.00 CPI / Medium Priority
  • High: $1.50 CPI / High Priority
  • Highest: $3.00 CPI / Highest Priority
That’s it!
Solution Gathered From Blue Cloud Solutions.

Tweaking Chartboost:

Video by Angela Hayes on Trey Smith’s site says:
Edit App page -> “Promote other apps” -> “Advertising Logic”
  • Max Interstitials Per Day set to: 500
  • And uncheck “Max Interstitials Per Hour”

Edit App page -> “More Apps page”

  • Type the name of one of your Campaigns (like “Highest”) into the bar at the top of the iPhone screen and select that Campaign from the auto-complete.
  • If you only add one line Campaign, you’ll only ever have one line on your More Apps screen so add as many as you want but remember that if you’ve chosen the above “Highest” Campaign that only accepts CPIs of $3 you might not see anything so put some lower things in there too.


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