How To Correctly Name Your Apps

It’s important to know that you should have two different names for your app depending on the size of the app’s name. This is because it can look very weird when Apple shortens your app name in their search results.

The name of an app in the app store affects the search. So having search terms in the name is useful. One way of doing that without making a horrible looking name is to have it in this kind of format:

  • ‘App Name You want’ – ‘SEO Sentence You Want’
Here is an Example:
  • “Cool Photo App – Create Cool Effects On Photos!”
But you do not want to use the above “long” name to be used as the name of the app on the device (so the name that appears under the icon on the home screen, and in search etc).
So for the above example, that would show just this under the icon:
  • “Cool Photo App”
Because otherwise the name will get shortened with an ellipsis in the middle to become:
  • “Cool P…n Photos!”
Which looks kinda bad. This can be done by having your programmer set it up in X-Code:


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